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    Car hire from MasterCarsDirect.com

    MasterCarsDirect is an online car rental bureaux that commenced trading on the Web in 1997. In that time we have provide hire cars for many thousands of clients whether for business or for pleasure requirements. We have been providing worldwide car rental services since 1997 in more than 150 countries and a total of 44,000 locations including most major airports, cities and towns. We use only the very best car hire suppliers including Alamo, Budget, Dollar, Europcar, Hertz, National, Thrifty along with the best local car rental suppliers.

    We provide car hire in most popular destinations including:Spain, the USA, the UK, the EU countries like France, Italy, Portugal and Africa to Australia and most stops in between. We have thousands of satisfied customers scattered around the world who have used our car hire service, take a look at our testimonials.

    We provide some of the most competitive car rental prices on the internet, starting from £9 per day with insurance (CDW) and you can book your car online Now! For many vehicles (the most popular) instant download of the car rental voucher is available.

    With our price comparison technology you can be sure that one search scans many suppliers usually in less than one minute so you get the answers you need for your car rental needs very quickly.

    In the USA, USA citizens may subject to proof of citizenship rent hire cars with our low rates using their own domestic car insurance. See the web site for low, low prices for USA internal car rental at all airports, towns and cities.


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